Monday 20.05.2024 -

Welcome to my website spur-n digital

This private web presence is completely free of charge for all my visitors and is mainly about the model railroad in N gauge in digital operation.

In 2016 I decided to go for N gauge and over the course of the year I collected various locomotives, shortly afterwards in 2017 I started building my first layout.My first large system was built in the basement.Because of the humidity, it was completely unsuitable for a system, so I made a change in my small apartment (living room) to build a smaller system on two levels.The size of the current system is only limited to 1.40 m wide and 2.20 m long.

You can follow the plans of the facility and the construction progress here on the website or on my YouTube channel !!

My control center is the "Z21 Schwarz", which is connected to my computer, tablet and smartphone via the home network. I can use it to control my layout and trains. I use the feedback and switching modules from Uhlenbrock and are operated via the LocoNET connection.

The rolling stock consists of different manufacturers: PIKO, Minitrix, Fleischmann and ROCO.

In the menu bar you will find topics about my Z21, layout, decoders, locomotives and passenger cars. I also show tutorials for installing the LED interior lighting, function decoders in passenger cars or decoders in a locomotive (see the respective submenu).

I hope you enjoy browsing.